Saint Paul’s Methodist Church, Ludlow Mass

Saint Paul’s Methodist Church, at the corner of Hubbard and Sewall Streets in Ludlow, around 1905-1913. Image courtesy of the Hubbard Memorial Library.

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The church in 2015:


Saint Paul’s Methodist Church was built here in 1905, and the first photo shows how it appeared not long after its construction.  It was built on land donated by the Ludlow Manufacturing Associates, whose factory was just a few blocks down Sewall Street.  In 1917, a parsonage was built to the right of the church, and can be seen in the 2015 view.  Despite nearly 110 years in between the two photographs, the church is still easily recognizable.  The exterior now has modern siding instead of shingles, so the building did lose some of its Victorian style, but otherwise the building is very well preserved today.

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