First Church, Ludlow Mass

The First Church of Ludlow, at the corner of Church and Center Streets, around 1912.  Image from The History of Ludlow, Massachusetts (1912).

570_1912c historyofludlow

The church in 2015:

The building in the first photo was the third meeting house for the First Church of Ludlow.  The first one stood right about where I took the second photo from, but was moved across Church Street in 1841, when the second church building was completed.  This one didn’t last long, though – it burned in 1859, and was replaced later in the year with the one seen above.  The third building stood for over 120 years, but it too burned, in a suspicious fire in 1980.  It was rebuilt on the same spot in 1982, and today, like many other “First Churches” in New England, it is part of the United Church of Christ denomination.

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