North End, Boston

The North End of Boston from the Charlestown Navy Yard, in 1870, with the USS Kearsarge in the foreground. Photo courtesy of Boston Public Library.

The scene in 2021:

Boston’s skyline has obviously changed significantly over the past 150 years, but at least one constant remains in both photos: Old North Church, which is barely visible behind some masts, just to the left of the Kearsarge, in the 1870 photo.  The Kearsarge was a famous ship by this point – during the Civil War, she defeated the infamous Confederate commerce raider CSS Alabama.  After she was decommissioned, a US battleship was named after her; she is the only non-state to have a US Navy battleship named after her.

4 thoughts on “North End, Boston”

  1. I will NEVER visit Boston again. they have the most ignorant, rude, non caring
    TSA agents possible. Not worth dealing with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Great images!
    How firm is the reported 1870 date? If 1870, it is not the Kearsarge as that ship was in the Pacific (1868 thru Oct 1870 and would be decommissioned in SF.
    Back in service 1874 from there with tour of Far East with return via Suez and the Med for a brief nearly two week stop in Boston til decommissioned again in Portsmouth mid Jan1878.
    Twas in Boston late 1865 and earlier 1866.

  3. I’m sorry you had to deal with rude, ignorant TSA agents. Please don’t write off the entire city because of them. You will miss out on a fabulous vibrant city.


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