East Longmeadow Rotary (2)

Another view in downtown East Longmeadow, looking up present-day Route 83 from the rotary, around 1900-1910.  Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.

East Longmeadow

The view in 2014:


This view shows the scene looking north on North Main Street in East Longmeadow, toward Springfield, from the rotary.  The house on the far left appears to be the same in both photos, but otherwise everything else has changed, showing the increase in commercial development in the center of East Longmeadow over the past century.  Another change seen here is the trolley tracks, which are visible in the lower left of the first photo.  As mentioned in this post, streetcars once connected Springfield and its surrounding towns, much in the same way that PVTA buses now do.

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  1. I would love access to more old photos along this route; I lived in two places in this area. One was next to an old gas station, the other was a 2 or 3 family house which later became a realtors; don’t think it is used as this any longer.

    Any advice on finding photos along this route 1960-1970s?


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