Chestnut Junior High School, Springfield, Mass

The Chestnut Junior High School in Springfield, around 1905-1915. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.


The scene in 2014:


Chestnut Junior High School opened in 1903, at the corner of Chestnut and Prospect Streets in the North End of Springfield.  The building was used as a school for 101 years, before closing in 2004.  In the years after its closing, several redevelopment proposals were floated, including a seemingly promising plan to convert the school into condominiums, much like what was done with Classical High School on State Street in 1986.  Built only a few years before Chestnut, the school was successfully converted into condos, but that would not be the case with this school in the North End.  The building suffered from water damage and other deterioration, so the renovation costs, combined with a less than desirable neighborhood, meant that the proposal went nowhere.  It was vacant until September 2013, when it was destroyed by a fire.  The site has since been cleared, and nothing remains of the historic school building.

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    • I would suggest checking Ebay or Amazon – you might be able to find an old copy there. Otherwise, it’s possible that they might have a copy in the genealogical library at the Springfield Museums.

  1. I went to that wonderful school from 1955 to 1957. best time in school .great people .and great teachers .sorry to see it is gone Jack LaPierre

    • I attended there 1957/1959. Lived on Narragansett St. i think the corner store on Allendale and Chestnut still there

      Then went on to Classical, Westfield State for one year and graduated AIC in 67.

  2. I went to Chestnut in 1970, was visiting my sister from South Georgia, decided to Google it , after all these years and was devastated to see it was gone!

  3. I attended back in 1975-76 with my brother and two sisters and have nothing but great memories. Playing handball at lunchtime,being a hall monitor,being in play’s,hanging out with my best friend Kyle Junior,running track,swimming,Football in 9th grade, Mrs. D the fine Home Ec teacher,and lastly 20 hrs detention for throwing a snowball at Marvin Slater who had just hit me with one. Hearing the knock on the window from who else but the head Chestnut frog himself, Mr fortier The principal. Unforgettable times!!

    • Nice story Grady. My last school year at Chestnut was in 8th grade 74′-75′ school year before I went to Tech High.

    • I attended during that time frame and played handball before class started and at lunchtime as well;
      Home was on Vinton Street off Liberty and was a paperboy for Springfield News.
      Moved to Florida just before the blizzard of ‘78 hit::
      Finished school; met the woman I couldn’t walk away from in 1984 and we are still together today but she’s not doin well …end stage vascular dementia but I take care of her here at our home.
      One daughter, two sons and three granddaughters.
      I think of Springfield and my youth back then . Sad to here Ol Chestnut no longer exists but the memories will .

  4. my name is willie Fogg jr. I grad.from chesnut jr.hight school in 1953 then I went to trade hightschool Iwould lack to find year book i live on 170 sharon street in the north end

  5. I attended the junior high school 72 73 before we had to move I’m looking for yeat book of possible I don’t know start if anyone can help … mine was destroyed in a storm in 92

  6. My name is Maritza Rojas. I attended there from 1972 to 1974 and I met the “Love of my Life” Ernie Bobola… my very first crush! I’ve been looking for him again all my life without success. My family moved to Florda ad we’ve been here ever since 1974. I heard Springfield got really bad in the early 1980s and has a lot of crime… sad. It was wonderful when I lived there! I was saddened to see the school burned down! It was a beautiful historical building! I also met my very best friend Luz Rubet. I last spoke to her in the late 1980s. If anybody knows her please have her look me up on Facebook. I hope everyone is well.


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