Talcott Street from Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut

Looking east on Talcott Street from Main Street, on April 22, 1906. Image courtesy of the Connecticut State Library.

Talcott St. east of Main

Talcott Street in 2016:

This first photo was taken just a block away from and on the same day as the one in the previous post, and it shows Talcott Street facing down the hill toward Market Street, where a photo in another earlier post was taken. As mentioned in that post, the buildings that dominate the present-day scene were originally the home of the Hartford-based G. Fox department store. The company was located here when the first photo was taken, in a much smaller building just out of view to the right. The one-story building on the right side of the first photo was a Woolworth store, and on the left side was the North Baptist Church.

Just over 10 years after the first photo was taken, the G. Fox building burned down, along with the neighboring Woolworth building. Based on the photos here, it appears that the section of the building along the Talcott Street side was preserved and incorporated into a new Woolworth building, but G. Fox completely rebuilt, opening the present-day building in 1918. The facility was later expanded to include a warehouse on the left side of Talcott Street and a bridge connecting the two buildings. At some point, the North Baptist Church building was also demolished, and is now a parking lot.

As for G. Fox, the company was a major Hartford retailer for nearly 150 years, before closing in 1993. Their former building here has since been converted into the Capital Community College, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as one of several historic department store buildings still standing in downtown Hartford.

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