Witch House, Salem, Mass

The Witch House, at the northwest corner of Essex and Summer Streets in Salem, around 1901:

The house in 2019:

The Witch House in Salem is one of the oldest houses in Massachusetts, and is the only surviving building in Salem with direct ties to the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.  The house was owned by one of the judges, Jonathan Corwin.  It was likely built in the 1660s or 1670s, although some place its date in the 1640s or even earlier.  The 1901 photo was taken prior to its restoration and move; a street widening project necessitated moving it about 35 feet, and the house was restored to its presumed 17th century appearance, which did not include the attached storefront from the 1901 photo.

5 thoughts on “Witch House, Salem, Mass”

  1. Explain the gabled roofline and the difference in the size of all of the windows.
    Was there a total ‘remodel’ of the house.
    Somehow it doesn’t look like the same house at all!!!

    • It was restored to its 17th century appearance, which involved removing the 18th century additions, including the gambrel roof from the first photo. The gables are built with new material, but my understanding is that the actual structure of the house itself is original.

  2. Unfortunately, whomever is responsible for the “restoration” of the house had far too free of a hand in the “restoration” Moving it back for road widening = yes; remove the store front = yes. The rest of what has been done to the house is specious at best. Unless there exists original plans and foot print in blue prints of some sort, then all the “restoring” is one or more individual’s take on history. Not necessarily correct.


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