Springfield Hospital, Springfield, Mass

Springfield Hospital, around 1905-1915. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.


The site in 2014, now the home of Baystate Medical Center:


From its humble beginnings as Springfield Hospital in 1883, this location has grown into one of the largest hospitals in the state.  The first major expansion happened within 20-30 years of when the first photo was taken, when the building in the 2014 photo opened.  Since then, the hospital has significantly expanded the area behind this building, and the large, grassy area in front of the hospital is now a parking lot.

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  1. Looking for a baby photo year 1956 april 2nd .photos were burnt in fire. Shirley holmes/
    Mother / Joan griffin/
    Father/ Willie Holmes

  2. I can remember my parents bringing me to that hospital when I was probably around 5 or 6 years old. Had a tummy ache but it had gone away by the time we got there!
    Also, I remember being admitted for 5 days, when I was 6, and how scary it was back then. This was in 1957. Back then, parents and others could only visit for an hour, in the evening. And, one night, all I wanted was a glass of water and I called out repeatedly to alert a nurse…..it took her forever to finally get there. Was in a room with other kids, too, not like it is now where at most you have only one “roommate”.


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