Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance, Hartford, Connecticut

The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance building at the corner of Main and Pearl Streets in Hartford, around 1907. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.

518_1907c loc (16 Connecticut Mutual Life Ins Co)

The same location in 2015:


These two views were taken near the scene on Main Street in this post; the building on the left in the 1905 photo there is the same one featured here.  Connecticut Mutual was founded in 1846, and like many other insurance companies it was headquartered in Hartford. The company built this Second Empire style building here in 1872 and expanded it in 1901, but over the years other alterations removed much of its original architectural value. Connecticut Mutual moved out of downtown in 1925, and the building was drastically altered again, becoming the home of Hartford National Bank and Trust. The building remained here until 1964, when it was demolished to build the present skyscraper. As for its original tenant, Connecticut Mutual, they no longer exist either; in 1995 they merged with MassMutual, and most of the company moved to the MassMutual headquarters in Springfield, Mass. Today, these two photographs offer a comparison of architectural styles – the ornate, eclectic Second Empire building of the 1870s in one scene, and the plain concrete and glass 1960s-era Brutalist architecture of the present-day scene.

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  1. I have come across a Connecticut Mutual Life policy of my deceased husband. This policy may have been addressed but I don’t know. The amount of the policy &150,000.00. Thanking you in advance I am….

    • Hi Teresa,
      This website is not affiliated with Connecticut Mutual, and the company merged with MassMutual in the 1990s. I would suggest contacting MassMutual, as they would probably have the old company’s records and policies. Also, I have deleted the policy information from your comment so that you don’t have personal info publically posted online.

  2. I have a large (17″ X 24″) photograph of the old building ( Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Building ) being built. Any idea of who might want to purchase it?

  3. I have a metal letter opener commemorating the 100th anniversary of Connecticut Mutual (1946). It belonged to and was used by my grandfather, an attorney in Oakland, California. If you or anybody reading this is interested in purchasing it, please contact me.

  4. There used to be an office in Baltimore, they do not answer the phone bvn e, so obviously they are not there. Trying to get information on a policy.

  5. Thank you for posting those pictures. I came across an old book about the history of Connecticut Mutual. They mentioned this building in the book and I was curious what replaced it. The book is titled A Matter of Life and Death by William Cahn.


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