Cushman Hall, Monson, Mass

Cushman Hall on Main Street in Monson, around 1904-1920. Image courtesy of the Monson Free Library.

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The building in 2015:

This former dormitory is the last surviving purpose-built structure from the old Monson Academy, which operated here in Monson from 1804 until it merged with Wilbraham Academy in 1971 and moved to their campus.  Its construction in 1904 was funded by Thaddeus L. Cushman, and it was named in honor of his nephew, Frank Chapin Cushman, who died the year before at the age of 16.

After the school merger, the former dormitory became an apartment building, and it remains in use today.  The 2011 tornado destroyed two of the last three surviving academy buildings, and directly across the street from Cushman Hall the Town Hall/former Monson High School building was damaged beyond repair.  However, Cushman Hall sustained minimal damage, and today it is still an excellent reminder of the town’s educational history.

5 thoughts on “Cushman Hall, Monson, Mass”

  1. Lived here from 1959 until 1963. Loved every minute of it. Monson was a wonderful town.
    Richard Blair
    Monson Academy
    Class of 1963

  2. I was a member of the 1958 graduating class at Monson Academy. I lived in Cushman Hall 1954 to 1958 while having the opportunity to meet friends for life and professors that cared, advised, mentored and coached us. Also, Mrs. Wilson, our school nurse, who was there each and every day and kept us well.

    Roger E. Adams
    Monson Academy
    Class of 1958

  3. It is so depressing that most of the buildings are gone,
    tornadoes wiped out both gyms?

    It is a dark ghost stalking Monson Academy.
    It is painful, Monson was such a ray of light.
    Never the less, I will return this September to see and celebrate what is left.
    Jim Knight
    Class of 1970


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