Park Street from Adams Street, Holyoke, Mass

Looking north on Park Street from the corner of Adams Street in Holyoke, around 1892. Image from Picturesque Hampden (1892).

The scene in 2017:

This view shows the scene from Adams Street, looking north toward the triangular park between Park Street (now Clemente Street) on the left and South East Street on the right. Here, the street grid of the South Holyoke neighborhood, which runs parallel to the Third Level Canal, meets the street grid of the rest of the city. This formed a small wedge of land in the center of the photo, just south of Sargeant Street, as well as a larger one just beyond it, in the block between Sargeant and Hamilton Streets. Originally known as Hamilton Park, and later the Hamilton Street Park, this was the largest open space in the neighborhood, and the first photo shows a mix of wood-frame and brick buildings on either side of the street. Further in the distance, in the center of the photo, is the Hamilton Street School, located on part of the triangle between Hamilton, Park, and South East Streets.

When the first photo was taken, this neighborhood was predominantly French-Canadian, although there was also a considerable German population as well. The 1900 census, which was done only a few years after the first photo was taken, gives some interesting insight into this neighborhood. For example, the house on the right was owned by August Ruppert, a 46-year-old German immigrant who ran a grocery store in the first floor of the building. He had immigrated to the United States in 1882, followed a year later by his wife Mary and their two young children, Richard and Annie. They had a third child, Emma, several years years later, and by 1900 they were living here in this house, with Richard working as a plumber and Annie as a weaver in a woolen mill. The census also shows On Wo living right next door at 282 Park Street. A Chinese immigrant, he was about 38 years old, and he worked as a laundryman, probably in the second storefront on the right side of the photo.

Today, nothing is left from the first photo except for the park and the streets themselves. Even then, they have undergone changes, with the Hamilton Street Park becoming Carlos Vega Park in 2012, and Park Street becoming Clemente Street. A 1911 city atlas shows over 40 buildings in this two-block section of Park and South East Streets, but today there are only five, with overgrown vacant lots comprising most of the streetscape. The present-day photo shows the effect that the loss of manufacturing jobs has had on Holyoke, and similar scenes can be found in other once-thriving neighborhoods in the city.

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  1. Interesting. I didn’t know there were French Canadians in the Holyoke area, but then again, I’m from Southcoast MA, so it might as well be a different state. Nice picture!

  2. My father’s and my mother’s family settled in the Park Street area of Holyoke when they immigrated from Quebec in the 1880s. Most of that part of South Holyoke had a large French Canadian population. Precious Blood Church and school was the center of their community life. My grandparents moved to the town of Willimansett when the bridge was built in 1896. They continued to walk across the bridge to go to work in the mills in Holyoke. Willimansett was almost totally populated by the French until the 1980s. I went to a French Catholic school in Willimansett in the 1940s and 1950s. Everyone spoke french in the stores.

    • Hello my Name is Lunda Lavallee Dupuis.
      My dad had a cousin band Jane, don’t know if she is the same one.
      My grandfathers name was
      Roland J.Lavallee. His wife name was Dora. I have done extensive family History. Please E-Mail me if you think we have a match.

  3. My grandparents lived on the third floor at 205 Park Street for over 50 years which overlooked the park… My mom went to the school near the park.. my grandfather H. Tangway was born in Quebec in 1900.. my grandmother was born in Holyoke in 1901.. and yes it was predominantly French Canadian on that block.. and I think there was some Irish across the way on the other side of the park.. my grandparents apartment was directly behind the old fire station, which also no longer exist..
    The whole area looks so different to me now.. I hardly recognize it..

  4. My mother lived on 51 Park street back in the 1950s. Her name is Vivian (Rathay) LeSiege. My Dad, Donald and she married in Nov. 1950 ,but he was soon shipped off (1952-53) to the Korean War till 1954. My sister Donna was 9 months old when he came back, so just doing math here. She went to Precious Blood also and yes her parents Were French Canadians. Anyone remember my mother? She is 91 now and we live in Virginia Beach.


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