Samuel Warner House, Wilbraham Mass

The Samuel Warner House on Stony Hill Road in Wilbraham, on September 3, 1923. Image from Register of the Ancestors of Samuel Warner and his Descendants (1924).

562_1923-09-03 regofancestorsofsamuelwarner

The house in 2015:


This house on Stony Hill Road was probably built in the late 1700s, and for many years it was home to some of my ancestors, starting with Samuel Warner Jr., my great-great-great-great-great grandfather.  He was a veteran of two wars, having served with his father in the French and Indian War, where they fought at Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Crown Point in New York.  He returned to Ticonderoga several decades later, when he was stationed at Fort Ticonderoga in 1776-1777 during the American Revolution.  His son, Samuel Warner III, later took over the farm, and lived here his entire life.  He died in 1824 and his son, Samuel Warner IV, my great-great-great grandfather, acquired the property following his marriage in 1827.  He was a fairly prominent citizen of Wilbraham, serving as a town selectman in 1857 and as a member of the Wesleyan Academy Board of Trustees from 1848 until 1858.  He died in 1859, and the house was later owned by two more generations until 1893, when it was sold to someone outside the family for the first time in probably over a century.

The first photo was taken during a family reunion for the Samuel Warner Association, which consists of descendants of the third Samuel Warner, who lived from 1763 to 1824.  Several of my family members are visible in the photo, including my great grandmother, who is standing 6th from the right, in the white outfit.  Her three daughters are seated together in the front row on the right, and my grandmother is the one furthest to the left, just to the right of the tear in the paper.

Today, the house is still there, but with significant modifications.  It now serves as offices for the Country Club of Wilbraham, which is located on the former Warner property.  There have been some significant additions behind and to the right of the house for dining and banquet facilities, but overall the historic house itself is still relatively intact on the exterior.

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  1. Thank you. This is very interesting. I am the daughter of Lydia Warner Thompson. Have lost track of Warner Family. Last register of family I have is 3rd Edition 1991. Have there been any since then?

    • Hi Anne,

      I believe that would make us 5th cousins, if I counted the generations in the 1991 Warner book correctly. I’m not aware of any subsequent editions of the book, although I have not had any contact with the Warner Association for a long time, so I suppose it is possible that there could be more.

      • I am the Secretary for the Samuel Warner Association. We hold a yearly reunion on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. We have not published another book but do have our family tree on Ancestry.
        We also have a Facebook group. We would love to have more relatives involved.

        • Hi. Samuel Warner was my 7th great grandfather. I would love to know more about the association, facebook page and the Ancestry tree. Thanks.

  2. Great article. Lots a interesting information. My children and their father are still part of the Samuel Warner Association. They meet every Labor Day weekend at Spec Pond. My son is also named Samuel Warner. Lynn Eaton is the Secretary and Jeff Warner is President now I believe. His phone is (413) 313-5043 if you’d like to get on their mailing list. I think they have more recent books since 1991. Thanks for keeping up on the history!
    Gretchen Warner

  3. Interesting article. Lots of interesting information my 4th Great-Grandmother is Mary Louise Warner daughter of Samuel Warner IV married William H Lyman. I was wondering how many kids did Samuel Warner IV have. so far i have Francis, Mary, Edmund, Emma, Clarissa, and Dwight. Thank You if u can help.

    • Samuel Warner IV’s daughter was actually Mary Lucinda Warner, although some sources (like the 1924 Warner book) incorrectly list her middle name as Louisa. She was my great-great grandmother, so by my count that would make us third cousins twice removed.

      And you are correct on the number of children that Samuel Warner IV had – those six who you listed were all of his children.

  4. Hello

    I am tracing our alley family and just learned that our John Lee married Phebe Warner (daughter of Samuel Warner Of Springfield, Massachusetts

    Do you have our Phebe Warner Lee listed in your tree??

    Thank you for your time.

    Thank you

    • I have a few Phebe Warners listed in the book, but none of them married a Lee. She may have been from a different branch of the Warner family – I have discovered that Samuel Warner was a very common name in the Springfield area back in the 18th & 19th centuries!

  5. Hello Derek,

    I am interested in looking at the Phebe Warners that you have listed in the book. This book that you speak about… Is it available on line? She and her father Samuel are not easy to find??

    Thank you.

  6. Good evening, Im a Warner dependent through Ezra Warner of stockbridge. He would be my fifth Great Grandfather. Is this the same lineage?

  7. Hello beautiful family

    I came across a 1956 copy of the book if anyone is interested in having a live and not digital copy.

    I’d rather have it with family than sitting at the Weed, Ca mercantile mall. ✨✨ Family history is everything! ✨✨

    • Elizabeth, Greetings from Buxton Maine. My father Warner E. Isaacson was the son of Sarah Warner originally from VT. She was the daughter of Rudolphus Warner from the St Albans VT area. I didn’t see where anyone responded to your mention of the book, might it still be available for purchase ? Please advise. Best regards John Isaacson

  8. Wow this is amazing, I’m currently connecting dots on my relationship. My grandparents died when I was younger. And I have huge interest in family history so this is amazing to find. I have a book register of the ancestors and descendants of Samuel warner Wilbraham Massachusetts third edition that was given to me

  9. Hello
    So I currently work in this house. I have no relationship to any of the family members. We are very interested in the history of the house tho. Derek do u know if a young child passed in this house many years ago before it was a golf course, around the age of 9 with a possible first name starting with the letter A?


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