Wesson Memorial Hospital, Springfield, Mass (1)

The Wesson Memorial Hospital on High Street in Springfield, around 1900-1910. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.

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The hospital in 2015:


The Wesson Memorial Hospital was established in 1900 by Daniel B. Wesson, one of the co-founders of Smith & Wesson.  His home and factory weren’t too far away from here, and near the end of his life he began several charities, including this hospital.  The building hasn’t changed much, and even the fence along the sidewalk is still there.  It is still a hospital, although Wesson Memorial merged with the Medical Center of Western Massachusetts in 1976 to form Baystate Medical Center, one of the largest employers in Massachusetts.

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  1. I was born(supposedly) on Feb.26 1933 at Wesson memorial hospital. Some time back I checked the number of births in that date at the hospital. Results…none were born. I was a ceasarian birth.
    Is there any way I can check when my birth date is?
    Could be the 27th or 28th.
    Do you still have the records? I would be willing to pay to find out.

    • I don’t have access to any of those records. You could try contacting Baystate, since they own the hospital now. Does the city clerk’s office have your birth certificate on file though? Because that would probably be a more accurate record than the hospital records anyway. Hope that helps!

    • Wesson Memorial and Wesson Women’s were at two different locations – both became part of Baystate Medical. Perhaps you were born at Wesson Women’s, near the Spfld. Hospital.

  2. I have a great great grandmother that was treated and died in Wesson Memorial in 1907. Was this hospital a private and specialized hospital?

    Thank you!

    • At that point the hospital was privately run and practiced homeopathic medicine; they switched to conventional medicine in 1923 and then in 1976 were part of the merger that formed Baystate. Hope that helps!

  3. I was a young nurse in the ER in 1967 and wanting to find another nurse who mentored me so well. Does the hospital have employment records?

  4. I worked there as an orderly in 1971. I was escaping factory work in a tire factory in Chicopee. I remember how cool and clean it was in the first floor lobby, with white marble floors and beautiful wood paneled walls. There was a coffee shop near the information desk with a small row of round seats at the fountain counter. Some beautiful nurses were sitting there on their break. That was all I needed to see. Air conditioned, clean, the nurses. I was sold. I ended up working for $1.75 an hour and was happy to be there.

  5. In 2005 I had seen a doctor there, he was doing his internship, I would like to find out where he went after he left there, He was the best Dr I ever had. I have his last name on an appointment card but can,t seem to find him. How would I get that information.

  6. My father was born at wesson maternity hospital on 6/14/1924 I do have his birth record and delivery doc was a Fairy Brown, MD would his records still be around ?
    and back in the day would my grandmother have had to prove marriage? I have been searching and searching for this question to be answered

    • I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that. You could try contacting Baystate, but I don’t know if they would keep such records or if they would even be available to the public.

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