Howard Street School, Springfield Mass (1)

The Howard Street School, seen from Howard Street, around 1938-1939. Courtesy of the Springfield Preservation Trust.

452_1938-1939 spt

The building in 2015:


The Howard Street School was built in 1905, and was one of many school buildings built in Springfield around the turn of the 20th century, which included Forest Park School, Classical High School, Chestnut Junior High School, and the Technical High School. This school was used for over 100 years, and was most recently known as the Zanetti School.  The Zanetti School moved to a new location in 2009, and two years later the 2011 tornado caused substantial damage to the building.  It has been vacant ever since, and it is now slated to be demolished to make way for a parking garage for the planned MGM Springfield casino.  The 2015 photo was taken on March 24, the day of the ceremonial groundbreaking, and the old school building is to be the first building demolished, once the Massachusetts Historical Commission signs off on it.

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  1. Had a teacher in that school in 1976 that show me how to play hockey his Last name started with a K. Like a father to me were ever he is hope he’s well good memories in that school.

  2. I was a student at Howard Street School back in early 1970’s. I had a wonderful teacher by the name of Mr English. He died suddenly in the middle of our class. I have been trying for years to find out more about him because of the huge positive impact he had in my young life, in such a short period of time. I am certain that he had the same effect to his other student as well. If there is anyone out there who can tell me his firth name, or any other detail, please let me know. If I know his firth name, I may be able to find more details of him on my own. I am hopeful.

    • There was another teacher named Mr Schultz (I think) who died during the school year. It was in the 70’s and he was my 6th grade teacher. He made a huge impact on me.

  3. i was bless t have mrs kowens as my first grade teacher in the late 60s.if any one knows of this wonderful angel please let m know…godbless her where ever she is..t m she was an angel sent from heaven..

  4. Does anyone remember the science specials teacher at Howard/Zanetti around early 1990s? She had meal worms in her classroom.

  5. I went to kindergarten and first grade at Howard Street in 1978 and 79 or thereabouts. My first grade teacher was a Mrs. Sheehan. I still remember the smell of the lunch room. Oh to go back!


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